Steph Brundige

 Steph grew up in a rural area in a family that volunteered for their community. When Steph and her family moved to Delacour she got involved with the Delacour Ag Society, Delacour Community Association, Girl Guides and Pony Club. She was on the ASP committee for Delacour and the Concept Plan committee for Delacour Country Village. Steph has headed several community initiatives and helped raise over 70K for a local Olympian Athlete. When Steph became the Branch Manager of the Langdon Mountain View Credit Union she saw the need Langdon has for recreational facilities and thought some of her past experiences could help. Steph got involved in North Bow Community Facility Board to support the process of bringing community recreation facilities to Langdon. 

Charmaine James

 Charmaine grew up in Calgary and moved to Langdon with her husband over 10 years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once here Charmaine tried to get involved in everything that was happening with the hamlet, partaking in community events and seeing what the community had to offer. She has been involved with the North Bow Community Facility Board, the Langdon Community Association, Langdon Little League, Parent Council for Langdon School and IMHA. Being able to assist many of her fellow neighbours is something Charmaine looks forward to everyday. 

Tom Craig

 Tom was born and raised in Calgary. He moved to Langdon 10 years ago with his wife. He is now settled and raising his 3 kids in this community. He has over 15 years experience in industrial project delivery including oil, gas and infrastructure as an engineering technologist and most recently as a project manager for major projects with an international company. Tom currently sits as the vice chair on the North Bow Community Facility Board and brings his experience on project delivery, management, and execution to the team.  

Corrie Carrobourg

Growing up in a small town, Corrie realizes the importance of well-supported community projects. Corrie and his family moved to Langdon in 1999 to return to the quality of life which he grew up in and offer that same lifestyle for his growing family. He has a strong dedication to health and has committed himself to the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. Currently he is the owner/operator of D.O.C. Personal Training, a fitness facility here in Langdon. Corrie has been on the North Bow Community Facility Board since its inception in 2003. Originally he was appointed by the Rocky View County as Community Representative and now serves as Vice Chairperson to the Board. His long term vision is to have community facilities that will offer families multiple opportunities to be involved in fitness and recreational activities.  

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