1. What is the North Bow Community Facility Board? 

  • The NBCFB was formed to lead the development of recreation facilities in the Bow North Recreation Area.
  • Governance of the provision of facilities in the interest of social well-being for recreation, development of physical and mental health.
  • To provide a meeting place for community development and education the consideration and discussion of questions affection the interests of the community. 
  • It is made up of volunteering community members who represent other community service groups in the area.   

2. What is the Langdon Community Collaborative? 

  • The LCC missions is to bring together all Langdon community groups to identify, prioritize, and coordinate the development of community projects to meet the current and future recreational and cultural needs of Langdon. 
  • The LCC acts as an advisory committee for the NBCFB.   

3. What and where is the Langdon Community Campus? 

  • A 45-acre site that was purchased in conjunction with community partners; Rocky View County and Rocky View Schools. This purchase was possible with generous donations from corporate sponsors and grant funding from the Province of Alberta, Rocky View County and Rocky View Schools. Located South of the Buy-Low Grocery Store. (map)   

4. If the NBCFB was started in 2003 why is the fundraising campaign just starting now? 

  • The parcel of land was not purchased until 2006 and then the school board had to complete a land swap before access to the land was available. The land swap was a requirement of the school board. 
  • Storm Water Management need to be approved. 
  • Wetland compensation needed to be approved and paid. 
  • Rocky View County had a list of surveys that needed to be complete, such as traffic surveys. 
  • Land Survey, Site Access and services still need to be completed for the site.    

5. If a recreation facility is built in Langdon what is going to be in the building? Will there be a hockey rink?

  • Amenities in the recreation centre will be determined by community user group input. The Langdon Community Collaborative working with Alberta Culture created a decision matrix to prioritize amenities.  
  • In September Rocky View County is requesting a feasibility study to see what is needed in our area. 
  • The Langdon Recreation Centre is championing the indoor recreation centre and are working on a business plan. Some of the amenities they would like to see are an ice surface, meeting space, storage space, banquet hall with stage and a seniors centre. 
  • Why an ice surface is considered? Current ice is over-capacity and demand is increasing for minor hockey and ringette, as well as adult recreational hockey.  Due to lack of facilities, families are now traveling to Gleichen, Hussar, Black Diamond and Standard for 'home' ice at least once a week (including for 'home' games).  All of this travel forces families to spend more time apart, impacts the local economy, and poses a serious safety risk - all of this extra travel is on winter roads.      

6. When is the High School going to be built? 

  • The High School is on the first year of the Rocky View Schools 3-year plan. The school could open in 2020.
  • In the Feb 9, 2017 minutes RVS approved the expenditure of 2.4mil for the construction of all site services for the site of the future high school in Langdon.   

7. Why start with Ball Diamonds? 

  • The NBCFB engaged KCI to complete a feasibility study and this study identified that the NBCFB needed to start with a smaller project to learn from therefore the ball diamonds were selected as such. 
  • The ball user groups are the largest recreation user groups in Langdon. The current Adult Ball membership is over 200 with 18 team and a waiting list. 
  • The Langdon Little League has over 225 kids registered and is using fields in Langdon, Indus, and Calgary. The Langdon and Indus diamonds cannot support Junior and Senior Little League teams due to diamond size and we are forced to use Calgary, thus losing some kids because of the extra strain put on families with travel time.     

8. How much money is needed to be raised? 

  • The Langdon Community Campus is a multi-phase project and will therefore have several fundraising goals. Our first fundraising goal is still to be determined through discussions with RVC and will be released by the end of 2017.   

9. There is already a recreation levy in Langdon why can’t we use that? 

  • The Langdon Recreation levy can be used, details of how this can occur is being discussed with Rocky View County.  
  • The Recreation levy is being revamped and is being restructured to support current programming and future amenities.  
  • There are groups that are currently using the levy to support their recreational needs and therefore the complete funds are not available. If the residents choose an increase in the levy could be discussed to support an increase in programming facilities.