Working Together


Work together promoting a HEALTHY COMMUNITY through multiuse facilities andprograms, assisting diverse groups of all ages and abilities. .


To bring together all Langdon community groups to identify, prioritize, and coordinate the development of community projects to meet the current and future recreational and cultural needs of Langdon. 

Who We Are


Since June 2014,  a number of organizations serving Langdon have been meeting on a regular basis to develop a plan for community projects.  This group, known as the Langdon Community Collaborative, has worked diligently with the assistance of a facilitator from Alberta Culture. The Collaborative consists of ten community organizations and has garnered the support of Rocky View County, Rocky View Schools, Chestermere Community Services, Calgary Rural Primary Care Network and Langdon Chamber of Commerce. 

With the guiding principles and values of transparency, respect, accountability, working together, inclusiveness, shared vision and unified purpose in mind, the Langdon Community Collaborative used a Decision Matrix to identify a list of recreational amenities that are a priority in the community.